Compeer assists payers by providing technical consulting in the areas of interoperability, clinical data, claims data, and public health data. Additionally, Compeer is a known expert in clinical quality measures and quality measurement and assists payers measure quality and performance with consulting services and software tools.


Compeer assists providers by providing technical consulting and software tools in the areas of healthcare interoperability, clinical data exchange, EDI billing/audit compliancy services, and reporting metrics as required to State Agencies and CMS.

Health Information Exchanges

Compeer assists HIEs by providing technical consulting for the design, procurement, and implementation of public and private HIEs. Compeer is a known expert in building and implementing HIEs at the local, regional, and national level, and has designed and implemented HIEs across the world.

Value for the Health Care Ecosystem

Compeer has technical consulting and solution implementation industry experience in all payer markets, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance, as well as with public and private HIEs. Our consultants are well known industry veterans, who understand how to deliver value, in technical consulting, daily to our clients.

Compeer’s software tools can automate and secure the exchange of clinical data between health care payers and providers. Our solutions can support interoperable clinical data exchange, allowing for the support of claims processing functions, as well as the sharing and reporting of quality data to State and federal entities (such as CMS).


Next Steps

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